STAR.APP An Erasmus+ Strategic partnership to explore the potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict academic performance and to develop innovative tutoring services

STAR.APP is a project funded by the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership program (KA2).
The project has four main aims:

  1. to preventively detect students at risk of dropout,
  2. to profile the different students at risk based on the specific issues they might be facing,
  3. to offer personalized services and tools that match the students’ needs,
  4. to offer training to tutors and academic institutions to enable them to optimally use the system and the services created within the project
  5. to support universities in exploring the use of AI to improve students’ services

Who is involved

International stakeholders
Tutors and career guidance experts

The project outputs

This project aims to reach its objectives with the creation of three intellectual outputs. These outputs are designed with the aim to support the development and the implementation of an innovative model for predicting academic dropout and a new training path for academic tutors and career guidance experts.

01. Toolkit for tutors and practitioners

02. Online platform for risk assessment

03. Handbook “New frontiers for preventing academic drop-out”


In order to promote social innovation processes, the project adopts the methodology of “participatory action research”. This methodology refers to the direct and active involvement of the project Academic students, tutors and guidance practitioners are involved and invited to participate in local working groups and hackatons to directly contribute to the creation of the project outputs.