Output & resources

This project foresees the creation of 3 intellectual outputs to help schools, teachers and practitioners improve the quality of career guidance provision with the use of digital tools.

01. Toolkit for tutors and practitioners

This output consists of a toolkit for academic staff and for students. It is composed of a set of innovative units of activities that cover 7 areas of the tutoring service: integrated student service, community engagement, organisational support, cognitive area, empowerment and motivation, tutoring system and planning. It aims to increase the involvement, participation and motivation of students in the university life to prevent students’ drop-out.

Online platform for risk assessment


This output consists of an online platform to support universities approaching the use of data and AI for risk assessment for the early detection of students at risk.

03. Handbook “New frontiers for preventing academic drop-out”

This output consists of a handbook where a framework on the use of machine learning in the tutoring services is presented.